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Al-Ameer Mamdooh Bin Abd Al-Azeez: The Ikhwaan Are Kharijites and Devoted Servants (Of the Interests Of) World Freemasonry
Posted by Abu.Iyaad, Editor in General
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Al-Ameer Mamdooh bin Abd al-Azeez bin Abd al-Rahman Aal Sa'ud wrote an editorial in al-Hayat Newspaper on 20th June 2013 entitled "Khawaarij" in which he speaks of al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen, their figureheads and how they are callers to mischief, corruption and are devoted servants (for the aims and goals) of Freemasonry. In this article we will provide summarized excerpts of the editorial.

Summary Of the Editorial

The Muslim Brotherhood appear as rectifiers and righteous people but they manifest the greatest of deceptions and machinations. They do not desire the truth but only what agrees with their desires. They are "callers at the gates of Hellfire, whoever responds to them will enter therein." They call the people of Hadeeth, the Salafis, the Firqah al-Naajiyah as being "the people of 'even if he beats your back and takes your wealth'," (a derogatory term) because they (the Salafis) stick to the Prophetic ahaadeeth in this regard. Satan dominated the hearts and intellects of a sect that appeared and gained some ground between 1405H (1985) to 1415H (1995) and they tried to overturn what Allaah has blessed this land with of Tawhid, love and a united word for no other reason except to implement plots for the domination of the Qutbiyyah, Surooriyyah and the Ikhwaan over this land and its people. This has become abundantly clear in the past few years. This sect and its helpers have come to us with the label "al-Sahwah" (Awakening, Revival), and they are by Allaah, Kharijites (Khawaarij).

Then Ameer Mamdooh gives a history of the Kharijites from Dhul-Khuwaisrah and the incident involving his call for "social justice", then their appearance against Uthmaan (radiallaahu anhu), and then their continued reappearance against the second Amawi state and that of the Abbasids, right until this time against the state of Saudi Arabia. Then continues:

If you look at their behaviour then against Uthmaan (radiallaahu anhu), they are taking the very same steps and methods. The Kharijites were very devoted and religious, yet alongside that the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) described them as "the most evil of creation," and "the most evil of those killed under the canopy of the sky" and the hadeeth of Abu Umaamah al-Baahilee in which it is established that the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) referred to them as "Dogs of Hellfire" repeating this numerous times.

The Raafidah, the Secularists and Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen have no concern except to revolt against the rulers with the claim of "freedom" (hurriyyah) and "justice" (adaalah) [Note: the Ikhwan set up their "Party of Freedom and Justice" after the 2011 revolution in Egypt] and the one who follows them up will see their deception, machination and wastage of the religion and the world. What freedom and what justice? They, by Allaah, do not desire except control of worldly matters.

For they are the sincere (devoted) students of World Freemasonry, the child of Zionism. Read the book "Protocols of Zion" and read about World Freemasonry and read the book of Tharwat Kharbaawee - and he is from amongst them - called "Sirr al-Ma'bad," and also Mustafa Bakree - who was with them entirely - (his book) "al-Jaysh wal-Ikhwaan" and ask the Shaykh, Doctor, the Imaam and Allaamah Salih bin Fawzan al-Fawzaan.

By Allaah, they do not know of Tawheed except what the common people know. Rather, a young child from the children (of the people of) Tawhid will fathom more than one of the main leaders - the likes of Salman al-Awdah, Muhammad al-Areefee, Nasir al-Umar and their leader and guide Awad al-Qarnee and so on, and he will teach them the sound, authentic Tawheed by both his speech and by his action.

Since, when have you heard a single word from them (Salman al-Awdah and those like him) against the Khawaarij? By Allaah, they cooperate with and flatter the Rafidah in Iraan and even the Hizb ul-Shaytaan - for a faction amongst them do that. And their uncle, the great murshid (guide, leader), Salman al-Awdah, we did not hear a single word from him when the honour of the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) was transgressed against with respect to his wife, the mother of the believers, Aa'ishah, when it was said she was an "adulteress" - may the curse of Allaah be upon the one who said it and whoever agreed with it. The Safawis (Raafidees) said it in a festival (they organized) and they celebrated this, holding a celebration for a whole week in London (doing this for past three years) and not a single one of them was moved except after many days and days. Al-Qarnee threw some lines of poetry in praise of Aa'ishah (radiallaahu anhaa) but he did not revile those who reviled her, and after some more days out came Nasir al-Umar with a presenter, I myself had threatened him that he should attack the Raafidah (via the station). And as for al-Areefee, he was praised by Mursi yesterday when he said, "The Islamic caller, al-Areefee is meeting the esteemed supreme guide (murshid) (of al-Ikhwaan) Dr. Muhammad Badee' and renews his oath of allegiance in the midst of the takbeers, tahleels (being shouted) by the leaders of the jamaa'ah."

In closing, come with me O so and so in exposing what is with them in front of the Ummah, and let us put what is with us in front of them as well.


1. A quick deserving comment about Muhammad al-Areefee. He is from the new wave of Ikhwani's who are students of the madrasah of Salman al-Awdah and Safar al-Hawali, the Kharijites who got busted in the 90s and were spoken of by all the major scholars including Shaykh al-Albaanee, Shaykh Ibn Baz and eventually, Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen. This new wave of Ikhwanis are continuing the work of the Kharijite "Sahwah" and you can see the sickness and filth in their hearts (from their outward behaviour) in that they work dissension against the Scholars and rulers upon Tawheed, Sunnah and Salafiyyah, and at the same time, they praise and announce allegiance to the callers to unity of religions (see here) and what is like that. And you see their teachers (Salman al-Awdah) opening doors of understanding with the Raafidah and Soofiyyah - all of which makes clear their evil and squalor of their intentions, the while they appear as rectifiers.

2. This is the book that al-Ameer Mamdooh referred to, "Sirr al-Ma'bad: Asraar al-Khafiyyah Li Jamaa'at Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen" (Secret of the Temple: Hidden Secrets of the Group of the Muslim Brotherhood." It is written by Tharwat Kharbaawee who was an Ikhwani, an insider. Between pages 26-30 he mentions how he came across a statement made by Muhammad al-Ghazali in an old edition of one his books (Malaamih al-Haqq) in which he states that the 2nd supreme guide of al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen, Hasan al-Hudaybee was a freemason. Kharbawi says that this shocked him and he became confused as to who to believe, because it seemed that this claim might have been made because al-Ghazali fell out with the Ikhwaan who then ostracized him. Later, al-Kharbaawee says that he never ceased thinking about this issue, as to how can an Islamic jamaa'ah have ties to Freemasonry, so he embarked on some research on the beginnings of this jamaa'ah. Seeking to know why it was set up and how and what were the thoughts behind it. During this process there came into his hands some articles written by Sayyid Qutb in the newspaper "al-Taj al-Misree" and upon further investigation he discovered that it was the tongue (voice) of the Egyptian Masonic Lodge, and it was known that no one was permitted to write in this newspaper outside of the Freemasons. Al-Kharbawi says at this point that here he recalled what he read in the book of al-Ghazali years earlier, so he went back to his copy to re-read it again. Then he cites the relevant passage from the book in which al-Ghazali essentially says that after the vaccum left following Hassan al-Banna's killing, the jamaa'ah became orphaned and certain quarters behind whom were secret world (organizations) moved to install people into the jamaa'ah whilst there was a hole within it, and he al-Ghazali says that Sayyid Qutb deviated from the way of Hassan al-Banna and he also says:

... and we have heard much speech about the ascription of a group of the Freemasons, amongst them al-Ustaadh Hasan al-Hudaybee himself, ascribing to the [Muslim] Brotherhood group, however I do not know exactly how these (hidden) forces, disbelievers in Islaam were able to stifle (suppress) a large jamaa'ah in the way that it did and perhaps the future will reveal the secrets of this tragedy.

There is more surrounding this issue in the book of al-Kharbaawi and his book is not the only one revealing such matters, there are numerous other books written by Ikhwanis (having been formerly fully dedicated to the cause) but who for some reason or other revealed the secrets and the dubious nature of the organization. Sticking to the topic it is known that the Ikhwaan had interactions with the British starting from 1942, the British were interested in supporting the Muslim Brotherhood to maintain a certain balance of power between two major political parties (from them al-Wafd), the King and whatever remained of British control (through the embassy). The Brotherhood was supported, tactically, to maintain the interests of this outside force. This information can be found in a book by Mark Curtis, "Secret Affairs: British Collusion with Radical Islam."

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