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Al-Ameer Mamdooh Bin Abd Al-Azeez: Exposes the Stooges of the 'Muslim Brotherhood' - Salman Al-Awdah, Muhammad Al-Areefee and Nasir Al-Umar
Posted by Abu.Iyaad, Editor in General
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Al-Ameer Mamdooh Bin Abd Al-Azeez: Questions to the Callers of al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen in Saudi Arabia: Salman al-Awdah, Muhammad al-Areefee and Nasir al-Umar

The Ameer (hafidhahullaah) stated:

أسئلة من ممدوح بن عبد العزيز إلى رؤوس الإخوان في بلادنا وعلى رأسهم سلمان العودة وناصر العمر ومحمد العريفي وآخرون من مثلهم

Questions from Mamdooh bin Abd al-Azeez to the Heads of the Ikhwan in Our Land and at the Head of them Salman al-Awdah, Nasir al-Umar, Muhammad al-Areefee and Others From Their Likes


From right to left, Salman al-Awdah, Muhammad al-Areefee and Nasir al-Umar. Salman al-Awdah is the carrier of the fikr (thought) of Hasan al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb and he was outed as a liar back in the 90s. There is an abundance of material on the tube (with documented audio evidence) establishing and proving that al-Awdah is a calculated liar, and the reader can research that independently. In the 90s he was part of a group (including Nasir al-Umar, Safar al-Hawali and others) that used the affliction of the first Gulf War (in 1991) as a means bring out the Ikhwani agenda into the open. They spread the doctrine of takfir amongst the youth, tore the youth from the scholars by denigrating the scholars and spread many innnovated principles that were aimed at legitimizing the two main strains of Ikhwani thought (gathering everyone into a mass and revolution against the authorities). The Scholars of Madeenah, at the head of them Shaykh Rabee', exposed and refuted this new band of Ikhwani Kharijites and though much confusion ensued through the mid to late 90s, by the turn of the new century all the Major Scholars (Shaykhs Ibn Baz, al-Albani, al-Uthaymeen) had spoken against them and vindicated Shaykh Rabee' and his brothers who exposed their treachery, deception, hypocrisy (in speech and deed) and their evil intentions. When these Ikhwani stooges had been apprehended and imprisoned, large numbers of their followers moved onto more extremist elements such as Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, and by the time they came out of prison, they had lost their former large following, many of whom accused them of selling out from the (takfiri, ikhwani, haraki) da'wah and becoming "pacifist". However, these are people of desires (hawaa) and this type of disease is such that it does not leave a person easily, just like an internal fungal infection such as candida albicans. These people are still pursuing the Ikhwani agenda, but they have realized that the direct confrontational approach (against the rulers and scholars) will not work unless you have an extremely significant following on the ground level. What they attempted in the 90s was not successful because they did not reach a critical mass of people. They have started pursuing the same approach used by the Ikhwan in Egypt who moved away from harsh ways of the 60s and 70s and moved to a more politically engaged approach focused on winning the minds and hearts of millions. They opened their arms to Sufis and Shi'ites and other factions, encouraging the people in general to participate in the political process and to pursue "justice", "equity" and "freedom." Following this approach in Saudi, we see Salman al-Banna al-Awdah calling for understanding with Sufis and Shi'ites and making inroads into the Liberalists and others. The same with Aa'id al-Qarnee. Meanwhile, Safar al-Hawali [the promulgator of extremist Irjaa' towards the mockers of the Prophets, the callers to Tajahhum, the callers to nearness with the Raafidah, revilers of the Companions (i.e. Sayyid Qutb)] is sitting around, perhaps (and Allaah knows best) just waiting for the major scholars (like Shaykhs al-Fawzaan, Shaykh al-Luhaydaan, Shaykh Rabee' and others) to die so that once the annoying obstacle is removed he can pursue his activities with more confidence and courage and utilize his army of "Hawaalians" that form the "Alliance" - just another Ikhwani front waiting to be activated when the time is right. As for Muhammad Areefee, he is a student of Salman al-Awdah, he is part of the new wave of Ikhwanis in the Gulf countries, who are pursuing the Ikhwani agenda. He was recently outed as a liar and fabricator against the Scholars when he tried to distort the hadeeth of Hudhayfah bin Yamaan (radiallaahu anhu) in tha same way that the Ash'arites distort the ahaadeeth of the attributes (see Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan and others convict him as a person of desires in this article). All of these people are trying to undermine the land of Tawhid and Sunnah, and mobilize the youth against the scholars and rulers, spreading the Ikhwani fikr (thought, ideology) which is based upon the teachings and writings of Sayyid Qutb and Hassan al-Banna.

The Ameer Mamdooh then said:

طالما أنكم لا تريدون أن تناظروا أحداً من السلفية رغم دعوتهم لكم لأكثر من عشرين عاماً فإني أتحمل مسؤولية مساءلتكم

Since it has become abundantly clear that you do not want to debate anyone from the Salafis despite their invitation to you for over twenty years then I will carry the responsibility of questioning you.


These people are not able to maintain any argument with the Salafi Scholars because their misguidance, hypocrisy (in deed and speech) and evil intentions will be made apparent for all to see - since their treacherous activities through the 90s are recorded in history and cannot be erased. Just as it would be made clear that they do not make walaa and baraa' upon the Salafi aqidah. Rather discussion of the aqeedah (for those amongst them to are able to afford the time for it) is an initial avenue for leading audiences to the ideologies and methodologies of al-Ikhwaan. The teaching and discussion of aqidah to them is upon the doctrine of Irjaa' of the Murji'ah, which is simply holding facts in the heart around which there is no love, hate, loyalty and disloyalty such that it is evident externally in ones actions, da'wah and methodology. This is because the true sources of their methodologies are people like Hassan al-Banna, Sayyid Qutb, Mawdudi, Yusuf al-Qaradawi and others all of whom are Ash'aris, Sufis, Kharijites and so on. However, they do not expose and refute the misguidance of these figureheads, nor warn from their books - a clear evidence that any concern or attention they give to the Salafi aqidah is purely academic and a stepping stone for other agendas. Rather, they nurture the youth upon the ideas of these innovators - a flat contradiction if you claim to love and hate for the sake of the Salafi aqidah - and a manifestation of the extremist Irjaa', the claim of attaining obligatory eemaan in the absence of the actions of the heart.

Then Ameer Mamdooh mentions his first question:

السؤال الأول : أتحداكم جميعكم بما كتبتم وأذعتم وظهرتم في وسائل الإعلام أن يأتي حكمٌ بيننا ويقيِّم دعوتكم للتوحيد رغم مليارات الكلمات التي لكم جميعاً ؟

The First Question: I challenge all of you with respect to what you have written, broadcast and made apparent through the various media outlets [meaning satellite, radio, internet, newspapers] that a judge comes between us and appraises (evaluates) your call to Tawhid, despite the billions of words belonging to you all [throughout the history of your da'wah activities].


Meaning, let us see where is your nurturing of the youth upon the Tawhid of the Messengers and implanting it into their hearts and teaching the books of Tawhid and aqidah as is the way of the Salafi scholars, so as to produce generations who have received a tarbiyah (cultivation) like the tarbiyah of the Sahaabah and the tarbiyah of the Salaf, along with the love and hate and walaa and baraa that is associated with that, such that we have a united jamaa'ah, holding to the rope of Allaah in all earnest. A tarbiyah based upon the writings, books, speeches and statements of Scholars of Tawhid, Sunnah and Salafiyyah? Let us evaluate your da'wah and all of your statements and speech and let us see in reality what direction it has taken. We will find that it has taken the direction of the tarbiyah of al-Ikhwaan, upon dubious suspect books and writings of the Harakiyyeen (activists) and it is aimed at undermining the Scholars of Tawhid and Sunnah and it has more to do with nurturing the youth upon fikr (thought, ideology) than it is to genuinely implant the aqidah of Tawhid and the usool of the Sunnah into the hearts of the youth and the nation. This is because if they were to do this, there would be no harakah, no movement, no agitation, no revolution (ideological or practical) and no (Ikhwani) da'wah. Hence, it is clear that the activities of these people are not centered fundamentally and primarily around the Tawhid of the Messengers but around something else, it is based around the slogans of "freedom", "social justice" and "equality" - the realities of which are explained fully in these articles:

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  • Shaykh Rabee: The Destructive Freemasonic Principles and Protocols of Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimeen - (see here)
  • Allaamah Ahmad Shakir: The Da'wah of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement Is Destructive and Criminal and Is Financed by Jews and Communists - (see here)

These are people who are ignorant or pretending to be ignorant of the foundations of the Sunnah and the Prophetic methodologies and hence their understandings and perceptions of what takes place of of oppression, injustice, tyranny are tainted by that fikr (thought, ideology) that came to ignorant, misguided writers like Sayyid Qutb, Mawdudi and al-Nabahani who in turn took it from the Communists, Marxists and Socialists. As a result, their way of dealing with these issues is just like the way of those Marxist, Leninist Communists, and thus, the slogans and the flags raised by them are similar. Shaykh Rabee' bin Haadee said in his book (المحجة البيضاءفي حماية السنة الغراء من زلات أهل الاخطاء و زيغ أهل الأهوا), pages 9-10, speaking of how he various factions come out in the name of "justice": "And we have observed lessons from reality and from history, and there is no one reflecting and no one taking admonition except those upon whom Allaah has shown mercy and from them [these lessons] are: That every person of fitnah (tribulation, trouble), and every caller to misguidance, raises with all strength, the slogan of fairness and justice and equity. The revolution (led by Abdullah bin Saba') against the righteous caliph [Uthmaan (radiallaahu anhu)], rather against Islaam, was in the name of justice. The revolution of al-Mukhtar bin Abee Ubayd, the heretic, was in the name of justice and equity. The revolution of Abu Muslim al-Khurasaanee was under the slogan of justice and stopping oppression (injustice). And the Freemasonic movements, they carried the slogan of "justice", "equality" and "freedom". And the Communist revolution was also under these slogans. And all of them are deception, and deceitful (lying) slogans, may Allaah expose those calling with them, and uncover their veils, and humiliate them in this life before the hereafter. Shaykh Ubayd al-Jabiree said in his explanation of "al-Usool ath-Thalaathah" recorded by "Tasjeelaat Yahyaa bin Ma'een" (Algeria): "And there has appeared in the field of da'wah, the activities of at-taqreeb (nearness, unity) which began around forty years ago, of nearness between the Sunnah and Shi'ah. There appeared in some of the Islamic conferences two years ago in America I think, the saying of some of the leaders of the jamaa'aat (groups), or a particular group amongst them, they said: We will unite the Muslims today upon the lowest (common) denominator of Islaam! Meaning what? Upon the removal of something harmful from the floor? Or upon voluntary charity! This is the activity of bringing nearness until the Raafidee, the Huloolee (believer in the Divine indwelling) equal (to the Sunnee). The Qubooree (grave-worshipper) is prepared to spend in charity for a debt (of someone), and the Huloolee is prepared also to do something, and prepared to say "There is none which has the right to be worshipped except Allaah" too. So they looked at the activity of nearness (at-taqreeb). And this activity of bringing nearness (between truth and falsehood), its origin is in one (element) of the Trinity of Freemasonry, you know the trinity of the Freemasons, "Equality", "Fraternity" and "Liberty". This is the activity of (bringing) "equality", the activity of (bringing) "fraternity", a Raafidee with the Sunnee with the Soofee with the Huloolee with the Qubooree, with the Jahmee with the Maatureedee, all of them are one, all of them uniting on the lowest (common) denominator of Islaam??." Just as Jamal al-Din al-Afghani (a Baatinee Ismaa'eelee Raafidee) had a very sinister agenda in his apparent attempt to unite Muslims (pan-Islamism), Hasan al-Bannaa set up his "Muslim Brotherhood" along the same objectives which is to unite all the heretics and deviants under one umbrella so as to undermine the very foundations of Islaam - all in the name of establishing Islaam. What Islaam remains alongside the accommodation of the Sufi grave-worshippers, the paganistic Raafidah, the deniers of Allaah's attributes, the believes in Ittihaad and Hulool, and accommodation of the atheist Communists? These are the people Hassan al-Banna was gathering together in Egypt as part of his "Brotherhood." Everyone is in this "fraternity" (i.e. brotherhood) and everyone has "equality", and thus, the Sunni is equal to the Rafidi (Shi'ah) who is equal to the Jahmee who is equal to the Huloolee (believer in Divine indwelling) who is equal to the Ittihaadee (believer in Divine union) who is equal to the Mu'tazilee who is equal to the Matureedee who is equal to the Qubooree (grave worshipper), and they are all one and should be united under a single banner, and thus the slogan, the so-called "golden principle", "Let us unite in that which we agree, and let us pardon each other in that which we disagree" - and it is this principle that these people are operating upon, Salman al-Awdah, this is his manhaj. These are the aims of these people, they wish to amass the people together and use them to help attain power, and this is the type of Islam they envisage when they gain power - it is the pluralist vision of Hassan al-Banna and the pan-Islamist vision of Jamal al-Din al-Afghani - which on the surface appears to be working for the benefit and interest of Islam, but in reality, in its core, it is rotten and aims to actually destroy Islam from its very foundations through the accommodation and legitimization of all the people of misguidance and heresy and their creeds some of which reach the level of major kufr and Shirk.

It should be noted that Muhammad al-Areefee tried to indirectly address Ameer Mamdooh through Twitter by stating that he has much speech on Tawhid (addressing the first question) and defence of Aa'isha (radiallaahu anhu) (addressing the second question below) - however this does not change the fact that he is upon that same Ikhwani manhaj and upon the way of Salman al-Awdah and Yusuf al-Qaradawi. As we mentioned before, if there is Tawhid and aqidah taught by these people it is one that is largely devoid of al-walaa wal-baraa, something that is revealed when we look at the behaviour and dealings of these people, and the teaching and discussion of aqidah to them is upon the principle of Irjaa' - you can hold it in your heart as knowledge but it doesn't have to reflect in your outward behaviour, in your actions, in your da'wah, in your allegiances, loyalties and the likes. Hence, these people (like al-Areefee and al-Awdah and others) they know of the connection between the Ikhwaan and the Raafidah and that both pursue and active policy of taqreeb (nearness), yet these cowards will not come out openly and speak a statement of truth against the Ikhwaan. Why? Because they are upon the way of Ikhwaan, they are upon the way of Hassan al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb.

Then Ameer Mamdooh says:

السؤال الثاني : أتحداكم بكل ما نضحت به ألسنتكم ، جملة واحدة دفاعاً عن حبيبة محمد بن عبد الله - عليه الصلاة والسلام - السيدة أمنا (أم المؤمنين) عندما تطاول عليها حثالة البشر من الرافضة وأقاموا مهرجاناً في لندن لمدة أسبوع لسبِّها ووصفها بالزنا ؟

The Second Question: I challenge you to bring (from) all of what your tongues have expressed, a single sentence in defence of the beloved (wife) of Muhammad bin Abd Allaah (alayhis salaatu wassalaam), the sayyidah, our mother, the Mother of the Believers (Aa'ishah) when the scum amongst men from the Raafidah attacked her and they established a festival in London lasting a week in order to revile her and describe her with adultery (zina).


The Ikhwaan work along with the Raafidah, accommodate them and call for nearness towards them. A result of this is that if these Ikhwani stooges were to come out openly and attack the Raafidah and the Ikhwani cooperation with the Raafidah it would be detrimental and disastrous for their goals and objectives in the long term. Whilst some of them will praise Aa'ishah (radiallaahu anhaa) and defend her honour, they will not necessarily revile and assault the Raafidah and warn the Ummah from them as a policy and as a methodology and in turn condemn the Ikhwaan for the policy of ties and cooperation with the Raafidah. People like Salman al-Awdah (and Aa'id al-Qarnee) are trying to build bridges with the Shi'ah in Saudi and thus, an aggressive position on these issues won't be forthcoming from them because it is detrimental to the overall Ikhwani agenda.

Then Ameer Mamdooh says:

السؤال الثالث : أريدكم أن تُقسموا بالله أو تباهلوا على أن عبد الله بن عبد العزيز هو ولي أمركم الشرعي ظاهراً وباطناً وأنكم لا تدينون لأحدٍ آخر سراً أو جهراً بالولاية بدله ؟

The Third Question: I want you (all) to swear by Allaah or invoke the curse upon yourselves if you are lying with respect to whether Abdullah bin Abd al-Azeez is a legitimate shar'iyy ruler over you (wali) both inwardly and outwardly and that you are not giving obedience in terms of allegiance to anyone else, either secretly or openly, instead of him.


It is here that Ameer Mamdooh has struck at the heart of the matter and this is what these Ikhwani stooges have not answered, because if they were to answer this truthfully and sincerely, then either they say "Yes" (he is a legitimate ruler to whom we owe the obligation of obedience) in which case they would have to behave in accordance with the Sunnah of hearing and obeying and cease their Machiavellian Ikhwani activities or they say "No" in which case they make it clear that they are Kharijites, opponents to the Major Scholars (like the Muftee, al-Fawzaan, al-Luhaydaan) and the Imaams before them (al-Albaanee, Ibn Baz, all-Uthaymeen), deviating from their way and passing judgement upon themselves as pure Kharijites by their own expression and admission!

Then Ameer Mamdooh says:

السؤال الرابع : ماذا تقولون في مؤسس هذه البلاد وباعث التوحيد والوحدة فيها بفضل الله عليه عبد العزيز بن عبد الرحمن - وماذا تقولون في باعث الفتنة حسن البنّا و سيد قطب ؟ -

The Fourth Question: What do you say about the founder of this nation (country) and the promulgator of Tawheed and unity therein by the bounty of Allaah, Abd al-Azeez bin Abd al-Rahmaan and what do you say about the promulgator of fitnah (tribulation) Hassan al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb?


The likes of Safar al-Hawali and Salman al-Awdah consider Sayyid Qutb to be from the "Imaams of Guidance" an evil, wicked, lying, treacherous testimony for which they will have to answer. Sayyid Qutb is an Imaam of Dalaalah (see SayyidQutb.Com), a mocker of the Prophet Musa (alayhis salaam), he made takfir of Mu'awiyah, his parents, Amr bin al-Aas and the Banu Umayyah (radiallaahu anhum), he was a caller to the doctrines of the Jahmiyyah, Ash'ariyyah, Mu'tazilah, Jabariyyah, Soofiyyah and what is much more. These treacherous Ikhwani stooges were promulgating Qutb's manhaj of takfir and Hakimiyyah during the 90s, praising him and spreading his fikr amongst the unsuspecting youth of Ahl al-Sunnah. Ameer Mamdooh has struck at the heart of the matter and posed a question for them that has them fleeing cowardly on their heels. What will they answer? And what are the implications of the answer?

Then Ameer Mamdooh says:

ناشدتكم الله أن تجيبوا ولو على سؤال واحد - وبعدها لكل حادث حديث والمحاكم مفتوحة إن أردتم الشكاية ، وأنا أشكوكم إلى الله العلي القدير أن ينتقم منكم شر انتقام عاجلاً غير آجل ويفضح خططكم الشيطانية أنتم ومن معكم ومن ورائكم

I implore you by Allaah that you respond to even one question and after this every incident will have speech and the law courts are open if you want to lodge a complaint (against me). And I complain of you to Allaah, the Exalted and all-Powerful, that He takes revenge from you with the severest of revenge, hastily, without delay and that He exposes your Satanic plots, you and whoever is with you and whoever is behind you (propping you up).


Allaahu Akbar! Well said... may Allaah expose and humiliate the loyalists of al-Ikhwan al-Mufliseen, this corrupt vile filthy jamaa'ah which serves as an umbrella for every enemy of Tawhid and Sunnah from the Raafidah, Jahmiyyah, Mu'tazilah, Quburiyyah, Communists, Modernists and others) and then we have these treacherous, deceitful stooges who - [in a land which enjoys relative peace, safety, security due to the blessings of Tawheed and Sunnah] - are working dissension, in order to undermine these blessings, by opening roads and doors for the Sufis and Shi'ah and the liberalists and others - because the manhaj of Hassan al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb and Yusuf al-Qaradawi appears to be loftier and more befitting to them than the methodology of the Prophet in calling to Allaah and rectifying the servant and the land - may Allah fight them and expose them in front of the Ummah!

Then Ameer Mamdooh concludes:

وهناك الكثير والعديد من الأسئلة أسأل الله العظيم رب العرش العظيم أن يُظهِر إجابتها ( عليكم ) قريبا غير بعيد أنتم وإخوانكم من الإخوان. سيدي الملك - أنا جاهز للمحاكمة لو شئت أن تحاكمني فهل هم (عصابة الإخوان) جاهزون ؟

ممدوح بن عبد العزيز

And there are numerous, many (other) questions, I ask Allaah the Mighty, the Lord of the Mighty Throne that he makes them to be answered with respect to you soon, without delay, you and your brothers from al-Ikhwaan. I am prepared to to be judged (in a law court) if you wish to judge me but are they (the Ikhwani faction) prepared?

Mamdooh bin Abd al-Azeez


These Ikhwani stooges are not able because their realities - walhamdulillaah - are clear and they are convicted by their own history, their speech, their actions, their da'wah and the shubuhaat (doubts, misconceptions) they have been spreading.

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