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Imaam Abd Al-Azeez Bin Baz's Refutation of Abd Al-Rahman Abd Al-Khaliq (Takfiri, Qutbi, Turathi): Part 4
Posted by Abu.Iyaad on Friday, October, 04 2013 and filed under Figureheads
Key topics: Ihyaa Al-Turaath

In the Shaykh's fataawaa compilation (مجموع فتاوى ومقالات متنوعة), there is a critique of Abd al-Rahman Abd al-Khaliq on numerous issues of manhaj. Here is one of those points (8/244-245):

Sixthly: You mentioned in your book "Fusool Min al-Siyaasah al-Shar'iyyah" (pp. 31-32) that from the ways and means of the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) in da'wah (calling to Allaah) is open demonstrations. And I do not know of any (revealed) text having this meaning, so I wish (for you to) provide information about who mentioned that? And in which book did you find that? And if you do not have any support for that, then it is obligatory to recant from taht, because I do not know anything from the texts that indicate that. And when the many harms (mafaasid) in using demonstrations are known, then if there is an authentic text in this regard, then what that text has come with (in actuality) must be made completely clear so that the mischief-makers do not cling to it with their futile demonstrations.


Abd al-Rahman Abd al-Khaliq is an Ikhwani from Egypt, upon the manhaj of Hasan al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb and naturally, taking their ways is not surprising, ascribing to the deen that which is not from it, and making tabdeel of the Shariah by ascribing demonstrations to the deen of Islaam, making permissible splitting in the religion (see here), innovating into the matter of tawhid and what is more. This is one of his disgraces in trying to argue, with futility, for demonstrations, distorting certain incidents in the Prophetic seerah, in order to argue for this way that is actually taken from the Marxists and Communists.